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18th June 2019
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Inside Information Limited has many years of experience in the development and deployment of IT solutions covering everything from rapid response fixes of day to day problems to detailed structured solutions to complex and demanding corporate issues. We pride ourselves on our ability to regularly resolve problems where others have failed.

Our client list is populated with industry leaders, large and small, including: MOD, IBM, Unicef, BBC, Alldays PLC, Co-op, CBM, Camel and Meridian Television to name a few.

Latest Technology News (BBC)
Girl, 12, flooded with beauty ads on Instagram The ads were displayed to the young user despite Instagram's policies saying some should not be shown to her.
Posted: 18 June 2019 | 7:41 am - Click title for full story
US and Russia clash over power grid 'hack attacks' Russia has countered attempts to hack into its infrastructure, says Kremlin spokesman.
Posted: 18 June 2019 | 5:20 am - Click title for full story
Instagram boss Adam Mosseri: 'We can't solve bullying on our own' The company's boss Adam Mosseri tells Radio 1 Newsbeat he wants Instagram to be "less pressurised".
Posted: 18 June 2019 | 4:38 am - Click title for full story
Inside Heathrow's high-tech baggage system Heathrow's luggage system handles 180,000 items per day. Tom Burridge takes a look inside.
Posted: 17 June 2019 | 6:30 pm - Click title for full story
How a struggling airline went soaring through the cloud In a "David and Goliath" battle of the skies, the small airline used tech to punch above its weight.
Posted: 17 June 2019 | 6:02 pm - Click title for full story
Data surveillance powers unlawfully wide, court told Security services are invading people's privacy by "Hoovering up" communication data, a court hears.
Posted: 17 June 2019 | 10:59 am - Click title for full story
Samsung TVs should be regularly virus-checked, the company says The technology company tweeted its QLED-branded sets should be scanned once every few weeks.
Posted: 17 June 2019 | 9:55 am - Click title for full story
Instagram to make hacked account recovery easier The photo platform is testing a new way to get back into hacked accounts.
Posted: 17 June 2019 | 7:50 am - Click title for full story
Hacker conference speaker axed over abortion views Protests and a threatened boycott lead the Black Hat hacker conference to axe its keynote speaker.
Posted: 17 June 2019 | 7:34 am - Click title for full story
Boris Johnson's full fibre plan needs more detail says industry Broadband providers say it will take more than money to achieve a "full fibre for all" by 2025 pledge.
Posted: 17 June 2019 | 7:13 am - Click title for full story
Huawei smartphone sales hit amid US curbs The founder of the Chinese telecoms giant says overseas sales of its mobile phones have sunk 40%.
Posted: 17 June 2019 | 6:05 am - Click title for full story
Porn trolling lawyer jailed for 14 years A US lawyer who tricked people into paying for films he helped pirate gets a 14-year jail sentence.
Posted: 17 June 2019 | 5:53 am - Click title for full story
Romance fraud: Woman sent conman £40k despite suspicions She warned her mother against the online scam - and then fell for it herself, ending up in debt.
Posted: 16 June 2019 | 6:17 pm - Click title for full story
Amazon’s Alexa boss Dave Limp on privacy concerns Amazon’s head of Alexa, Dave Limp tells the BBC why his team is researching how to make the voice assistant understand emotion.
Posted: 14 June 2019 | 6:02 pm - Click title for full story
Amazon executive Werner Vogels on the ethics of facial recognition Amazon executive Werner Vogels tells the BBC's Dave Lee that the firm is can not be held responsible for how its artificial intelligence technology is used.
Posted: 14 June 2019 | 6:01 pm - Click title for full story
Huawei delays launch of folding smartphone The Chinese tech giant says it's being "cautious" about the device, which was supposed to launch this summer.
Posted: 14 June 2019 | 9:02 am - Click title for full story
Keanu Reeves and Cyberpunk 2077: Gaming doesn't need legitimising The actor talks to Radio 1 Newsbeat at E3 about his starring role in the game Cyberpunk 2077.
Posted: 13 June 2019 | 6:27 pm - Click title for full story
The super-tough drones and robots going where we can't How do you build unmanned vehicles that can withstand extreme temperatures, pressures and terrains?
Posted: 13 June 2019 | 6:12 pm - Click title for full story
Pokemon Sword and Shield: Hands-on with Dynamax power Chris Fox tests how the new Dynamax power to make the pet monsters huge affects gameplay.
Posted: 12 June 2019 | 1:07 pm - Click title for full story
How to cope with email overload It might be inefficient but we still use email, despite the emergence of rival systems.
Posted: 10 June 2019 | 6:24 pm - Click title for full story
'#IAmHere': The people trying to make Facebook a nicer place A huge network of volunteers is fighting hate speech on Facebook using closed groups.
Posted: 9 June 2019 | 6:25 pm - Click title for full story
How fish and shrimps could be recruited as underwater spies Animals have long been used for military purposes, but could marine creatures also act as sensors?
Posted: 6 June 2019 | 6:10 pm - Click title for full story
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